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Highlights from Sebastian Kurz's Keynote Speech on EU-Israel Relations and Jewish Life in Europe

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Letter From a Forgotten Jew

In a tribute to millenia-old vibrant Jewish Communities across the Middle East, AJC CEO David Harris stresses in The Times of Israel that the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries remain unsolved, and too often brushed aside.


AJC Urges EU to End Incitement in Palestinian Textbooks

18 June 2021 – Brussels – The AJC Transatlantic Institute calls on the European Commission to take action to bring about an immediate end to incitement in Palestinian Authority-issued textbooks and, if necessary, withhold some funds to Ramallah to bring about the necessary changes in the...


Are EU Funds Supporting Islamism?

Germany and other states have cut ties with some Muslim organizations over their embrace of antisemitic and extremist ideologies, but the EU continues to provide financial support to many of these groups. Nicola Beer, Vice President of the EU Parliament, Monika Hohlmeier, Chair of the EU Parliament’s Budgetary Control Committee, and Michael Laubsch, Policy Analyst and Member of the European Citizens‘ Initiative STOP EXTREMISM, discussed the integrity of the EU’s funding standards in a conversation moderated by Michael Sieveking, AJC Transatlantic Institute Deputy Director.


Europe Must Double Down on Fighting Antisemitism

Between a recently leaked bombshell EU study confirming anti-Jewish incitement taught in EU-funded Palestinian classrooms, and Jews being intimitated and beaten in the streets across the continent, it’s “open season on Jews,” says AJC Transatlantic Institute’s Deputy Director Michael Sieveking, in a forceful piece for New Europe.


AJC Urges EU Response to New Evidence of Incitement in Palestinian Textbooks

8 June 2021 – Brussels – The AJC Transatlantic Institute called on the European Union to take immediate action to end incitement in Palestinian Authority-issued textbooks after an EU-funded study, according to an ...


AJC, Alongside Partners, Issues Recommendations to EU on Fighting Antisemitism

2 June 2021, Brussels – The AJC Transatlantic Institute alongside other major international Jewish organizations published a set of recommendations to combat antisemitism and foster Jewish life in Europe....


Germany’s True Friends

Following a recent survey showing 36% Germans believe the U.S. represent a greater threat to democracy than Russia or China, AJC Berlin Director Remko Leemhuis and Associate Director Eric Adamson plea in Internationale Politik for a closer transatlantic partnership based both on shared common values and sheer self interest.


Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism

The recent spike of antisemitic attacks in Europe and America sent shockwaves through the Jewish world and beyond. AJC Europe Director Simone Rodan-Benzaquen lays out in the Jewish News Syndicate how rising anti-Zionism and “wokeness” threaten Western liberal values and Jewish life.


High Stakes: What’s Next for U.S. Policy on Iran?

Having carefully studied the JCPOA, AJC opposed the 2015 nuclear accord, believing it was too risky a proposition. Six years on, the world is different, the Middle East is different, and America is different. Join AJC Jerusalem Director Avital Leibovich, AJC Transatlantic Institute Director Daniel Schwammenthal, AJC Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer Jason Isaacson, and “People of the Pod” host Seffi Kogen as they analyze what the lifting of US sanctions against Iran could mean for the region.


WATCH: MEP Lagodinsky Speaking at the Plenary Debate


MEP Sergey Lagodinsky addressed the European Parliament during a debate on the "EU strategy towards Israel-Palestine".