In Their Words

In Their Words

“The AJC’s Transatlantic Institute was founded during (one of those) bad moments... And we must truly be thankful to the American Jewish Committee... for having invested in our friendship right when we needed it the most.”

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission

"I would like to express my interest and support for your initiative and work. In times of global tensions, it is indeed crucial to encourage and to share connections between historical partners. What feeds our special link is also common values regarding the respect for human rights, including the freedom of belief and the protection of minorities."

José Manuel Barroso, Former President of the European Commission

"Congratulations to Mr. Tanner as first Chairman of the AJC Transatlantic Institute. This award [the Ordre de la Couronne] is a small token of our deepest appreciation and admiration for both of you for your personal commitment to the strengthening of the cooperation between the United States and Europe."

Didier Reynders, Foreign Minister of Belgium

"Among all Jewish organisations, I have found that yours is the most profound...And your organisation was the first one to focus on the globality of our life. I don't now of any other organisation that pays so much attention to what's happening outside of the United States, with respect to and beyond Jewish life, from India to Germany to France and in many other places. You have our real respect and appreciation."

Shimon Peres, Israeli Foreign Minister

"During the 1960 election, when my father’s Catholicism was a great issue in the campaign, the AJC was one of the first to come forward to support the right of his candidacy, and it made a great deal of difference in changing sentiments."

John F. Kennedy, Jr

“It is no coincidence that I am giving my first speech in the United States as Federal President before the American Jewish Committee. For over fifty years AJC has been among the avant—garde when it comes to American—German relations.”

Johannes Rau, President of Germany

"Let me acknowledge those who have substantially contributed to the creation of an order of security and peace in Europe, such as the American Jewish Committee."

Václav Havel, President of the Czech Republic

"Your organisation as early as 1911 - when few men and women dared to speak out - launched a campaign in New York State to end the advertisement of discrimination in public accommodations, in recreational resorts and amusement parks. This campaign resulted in the passage in 1913 of a state law which has served as model for many other states, and which has thus ade possible the extension of dignities for Negroes, Porto Ricans and other minorities."

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.