Hezbollah is a Terrorist Organisation and a Threat to Europe


Hezbollah is a Terrorist Organisation and a Threat to Europe

New Europe 18 July 2019

By Michael Sieveking

If Europe is serious about combating antisemitism, the Lebanon-based global terror group Hezbollah must be stopped in its tracks. As we marked on 18 July the seventh anniversary of the suicide bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria, we remember the lives of five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian Muslim bus driver that Iran’s most-deadly proxy violently cut short on that fateful day.

The EU, after nearly a year of deliberation, reacted to an atrocity that was carried out in one of its own member states by proscribing in 2013 Hezbollah’s ‘military’ but not its ‘political’ wing. The artificial distinction was a proverbial EU compromise where it’s a good deal as long as nobody is happy with it. Except – mind you – the terror group’s masters in Tehran who had literally gotten away with murdering Jews on European soil.

The deadly 2012 attack in Burgas was a clear case that should have moved the EU to add to its terror list Hezbollah in its entirety. Astonishingly, to this day, it hasn’t happened. The partial ban raises serious questions about the bloc’s resolve to fight terrorism on European soil and protect its Jewish communities.

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