"Tick Tock" Should We Salvage the Iran Deal?:TAI Director Daniel Schwammenthal on Panel with MEP David McAllister and Norman Roule


"Tick Tock" Should We Salvage the Iran Deal?:
TAI Director Daniel Schwammenthal on Panel with MEP David McAllister and Norman Roule

With just ten days before U.S. President Donald Trump's announced decision on the lran nuclear accord, TAI Director Daniel Schwammenthal was invited by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) to join the timely expert panel discussion "Tick Tock" Should We Save Iran Deal? 

Moderated by former BBC journalist Laura Shields, the other speakers were MEP David McAllister, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Norman Roule, former National intelligence Manager for Iran at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Daniel Schwammenthal urged transatlantic unity on firmly addressing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action's (JCPOA) most worrying flaws, including its sunset clause, the insufficient inspection regime which excludes military sites, as well as Iran's ballistic missile program. The Iran nuclear deal could only be salvaged if those issues are resolved. MEP David McAllister underlined the EU's crucial role in the P5+1 negotiations with Iran suggested that the decision to withdraw from the deal ought to be taken unanimously by all parties involved. Normal Roule, for his part, considers the deal's flaws too deep to ever realisitically be overcome. The only possible path to stop the Iranian regime from going nuclear is to withdraw from it altogether. The recent Israeli intelligence coup underscored that the regime can't be trusted and will continue to pursue nuclear weapons.